Built by Building Departments, for Building Departments

GOVmotus was built by local building department professionals who understand the challenges and needs facing building departments across the country. Our experts work with you to navigate the system and create a setup that meets your needs and eliminates your pain points.

A User-Friendly Interface

No more complex menus, reports or workflows, GOVmotus’ simple, automated workflow easily guides users through each step of the permitting or licensing process.

Reduced Administrative Time

From scheduling to notifying applicants, GOVmotus automates building department processes so your staff have more time to do their jobs and better serve their constituents.

No More Costly Errors

With GOVmotus, nothing falls through the cracks – the system automates administrative processes so that permits can’t be issued until all the boxes have been checked and requirements have been met.

Centralized Data Storage

Eliminate pen and paper processes and missing documentation. All documents associated with a permit are linked and permanently stored so data archival and retrieval is simple and fast.

Accessibility on All Mobile Devices

GOVmotus works on mobile devices and tablets so you can upload data and inspection results anywhere, anytime.

Increased Citizen Satisfaction

A user-friendly contractor portal gives applicants the option to submit all documentation from the comfort of their home or office. Automatic email updates and notifications let citizens track the status of their application in real time.  

Configurable to Meet Your Needs

No two building departments are the same so we configure GOVmotus based on your jurisdiction’s codes, fees, and ordinances.