Unlike other systems, GOVmotus was developed by subject matter experts working in building departments every day, facing the same challenges you face. We created the platform with your needs in mind. The result is a cost-effective, easy to use system configured to help you get your job done at the high quality your citizens expect.

Automated Permit, License, Plan Review, Certificate of Occupancy/Completion

Through a series of pre-programmed tasks and milestones, GOVmotus guides users through every step of the process from application to certificate of completion. Nothing falls through the cracks because each step must be completed before the next one can begin.


Use our License module to issue and track any license your building department may be responsible for such as fishing, fireworks, business, contractor, or special events.

Role-Based Configuration

GOVmotus provides permission-based system roles and customized dashboards for each user, eliminating clutter and confusion by showing users only the areas needed to complete their individual tasks.

Inspection Scheduling and Reporting

GOVmotus allows staff to schedule and report on inspections, which automatically notifies applicants by email or SMS.

Automatic Email and SMS Text Notifications

GOVmotus communicates directly with applicants through email and SMS text messaging, keeping them informed of project statuses and results.

Contractor Portal

Contractors can log in to GOVmotus and manage all their projects in one centralized location.

Online Payments

Save contractors a trip to the building department by giving them the option to make online payments from the convenience of their home or office.

Floodplain Tracking

GOVmotus allows jurisdictions to collect floodplain data for each permit. Through an automated checklist, this eliminates the risk of missing data and ensures floodplain compliance.

Fee Calculator

The system’s built-in fee calculators provides users a quick verification on permit, inspection, plan review, or any other miscellaneous fees for a project before submitting applications.

Hosted by IBTS

No servers to buy or software to install. GOVmotus is web based and optimized to work on any device with access to Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. We manage and maintain the system so you don’t have to.