Improved Life Safety and Fire Prevention

GOVmotus//FIRE will give you the ability to effectively manage, control, track, and react to your department’s responsibilities.

Automated Permit, License, Plan Review, Certificate of Occupancy Processes

Through a series of pre-programmed tasks and milestones, GOVmotus//FIRE guides users through every step of the process – from application to certificate of occupancy. Nothing falls through the cracks because each step must be completed before the next one can begin.

Eliminate Costly Errors

With GOVmotus//FIRE, nothing falls through the cracks – it eliminates forgotten collection fees, missing data, and scheduling errors. The system’s automated workflow guides users step-by-step through the permit or licensing processes and prevents the process from moving forward until all boxes are checked and requirements are met.

Improved Department Efficiency

Applicants have the option to submit all documentation online through the Applicant portal. Once submitted, all documents associated with a permit are linked and permanently stored so data archival and retrieval is simple and fast.

Document Management

Documents and data associated with a building or project are permanently stored in a single, online file so that data archival and retrieval is simple, fast and accurate.

Project Accessibility

GOVmotus//FIRE works on mobile devices and tablets so you can perform inspections and enter results anywhere, anytime.

Integration with Local Fire Departments

Local Fire Departments can be given access to GOVmotus//FIRE in order to view building data in their jurisdiction, and report inspections.

Reduced Administrative Work

From online submissions, inspection scheduling, or automatic notifications, GOVmotus//FIRE streamlines the communication and workflow of your department freeing up time to focus on other tasks.