IBTS understands the paperwork-intensive challenges of state and large municipal fire departments, so we designed GOVmotus//FIRE as a tool to manage and control the data you need to make sure your citizens are safe. From automatic email notifications to document storage and management, the system provides a mechanism for state fire departments to move their permitting or licensing into a single centralized, cloud-based solution.

A User-Friendly Interface

GOVmotus//FIRE is easy to navigate and follows a simple, automated workflow process. Users see only the areas needed to complete their tasks, and can quickly find at-a-glance information for any building in the system.

Spot Inspection

Perform unscheduled inspections on properties existing or non-existing in your database with our spot inspection feature.

Report Builder

Our built in report builder allows you to build reports up and beyond our standard reports using various data fields and filters.

Optional License Module

Additionally, GOVmouts//FIRE has the capability to issue, track, and monitor any license your department may be responsible for such as fire extinguishers/systems, fireworks, or flame retardants.

Role-Based Configuration

GOVmotus//FIRE provides permission-based system roles and customized dashboards for each user. Administrators can easily adjust users, roles, and other administrative features with GOVmotus’ self-configuration functionality.

Mobile App (On or Offline)

Keep track of your inspections and record results using our user-friendly mobile app.

Product Listing Database

Approved products and vendors are added to the GOVmotus//FIRE product database so you can quickly search and validate materials being used in interior and exterior building projects.

Synced Licensing and Permitting Modules

GOVmotus//FIRE ensures that permits are issued to valid license holders only.

Highly Configurable

From our system’s custom report builder to your logo, documents, or policy requirements, GOVmotus//FIRE will be configured to match your jurisdiction specifications.

Inspection Scheduling and Reporting

Schedule, monitor, inspect, and report your inspections in one centralized system.

Automatic Email and SMS Text Notifications

GOVmotus//FIRE communicates directly with applicants through email and SMS text messaging, keeping citizens informed of their permits or licenses from beginning to end.

24/7 Online Applicant Portal

Applicants can log in to GOVmotus//FIRE to submit their applications and upload documents at a time most convenient for them for your department to review and manage. 

Hosted in the Cloud

No servers to buy or software to install. GOVmotus//FIRE is web based and optimized to work on any device with access to Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. We manage and maintain the system so you don’t have to.